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关于”女性购物“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Women shopping。以下是关于女性购物的雅思英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Women shopping

Online shopping online customers are becoming more and more important to most businesses. For example, in a recent Nielsen global survey, more than% of global online users have used the Internet for shopping (in many areas, men and women have different shopping habits, while men and women have little difference in shopping habits). The biggest difference is that they tend to find products online, especially women are more likely to respond to marketing emails, while men are more likely to surf the Internet.

Online shoppers use a variety of devices. Online shopping habits show that online shoppers are also less likely than ever to find your product or service through a single device. In fact, it is estimated that% of them today Consumers using multiple screens (smartphones, laptops, tablets) during the day, which includes when they're looking at your website, may buy a product or sign up for an additional showroom is not a big factor.

Despite complaints from physical retailers, most online shoppers still don't do too much display, which seems to mean going to a retail store and looking at a product , and then find a cheap version on the Internet. Many online shoppers are still looking for the best deal. Just like offline shoppers, shoppers who visit your website will look for deals.

If you don't provide the right price, they may make purchases on another website. Shoppers like to touch the product mirror, find bargains, talk to employees, and what shoppers do employees approve of Don't like too many mirrors in long lines (forced to ask) stupid questions about goods out of stock, fuzzy price tag, threat service.




Most women like shopping, in part because shopping is relaxing and satisfying their needs. Some women like to go shopping when they are depressed or sad. Others may shop to meet their needs.

Some people think shopping is a luxury. A woman likes to buy shoes. She deliberately builds a room for all her shoes collection It can be a need or an , because it also depends on how much money you earn, regardless of your purpose.

Shopping is a vital part of life.




Christmas is only two weeks away. For many people, buying presents is a top priority. Not so many people leave home to go shopping this year.

Now many people can shop at home with the help of the Internet. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular for many reasons. Online prices are often lower.

You don't have to queue up in busy stores. You can buy almost any imaginable product with a few mouse clicks. The trend for computers tends to be male dominated, but this year women are expected to shop more on the Internet than men.

Women now seem to like the convenience of online shopping more than before. This Christmas, women's online consumption will rise to RMB yuan), while the average consumption level of men is slightly lower. However, the per capita consumption in the commercial street is only British pounds for male and female netizens.

Now they all buy Christmas gifts online. In the past, many people are not willing to shop online, and many people are worried about online input The security of credit card information and the reliability of the network, but with the increasing popularity of online shopping, these concerns have begun to disappear. Internet users still have security concerns, but this does not slow down the growing number of online shoppers.

One of the victims of the online shopping boom is that Christmas trading in the UK's high street may take up the turnover of some stores. Many companies are worried that there will not be enough shoppers. Therefore, on Christmas Eve, there are many specials in the shops.

Traditionally, most stores have sales after Christmas, but this year, in order to attract consumers, discounts have come in early. For the bank balance of British consumers, the high street has become good news.





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