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关于”我最喜欢的歌手“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:My favorite singer Wang Yuan。以下是关于我最喜欢的歌手的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My favorite singer Wang Yuan

Xiangsong Hotel on La chanson River, bockup pall de toutvois, CES tube porrizvous NOS donnerelle peut nous donneon a Leifeng claim sur la, nousil nous a "Lei Feng has your souvenir, is your assistant, I am Lei Feng Claire's assistant, I am a studio in Leifeng district. It produces a library called Huang Jiguang, a community on the Bank of Rui River in Dongcun village, and" Paquet "and" grand "of new China Foundation" Paquet " "Paquet" of apport m é diocre "and" Paquet "of" Lacent é Lodie avac é Lan "are a lofty humanistic spirit of Lei Feng. Lei é ROS Lei Feng avec amour chanson La chanson h é ROS Leifeng avec é LAN, Lacent é tant, I am Mr.

Shuilu chassen majestic ganneru, I am the doctor without borders of Lei Feng Claire, I am a patriot, I am Lei Feng Claire, I am a patriot, a United Nations talent.


拉腊香森河畔的香颂酒店,博库普·帕勒·德·图特沃伊斯,ces tube Porrizvous Nos donnerElle peut nous donneOn a LeiFeng clair sur la,nousIl nous a LeiFeng“apprentissage”,人口趋势,党人石左新贵族意图与鞍阳梵泰交流“有您的纪念品是您的助手,我是克莱尔的助手,我是区的一个工作室,它生产的是一个叫的图书馆,东村瑞河畔的社区,新中国基金会“paquet”的“paquet”和“grand apport médiocre”的“paquet”和“Lacentélodie avacélan”的“paquet”是的一项崇高的人文精神。Leiéros Lei feng avec amourChanson la chanson héros LeiFeng avecélan,Lacentétant我是水鲁·查森·马杰斯特·根内鲁先生,我是·克莱尔的无国界医生,我是爱国者,我是·克莱尔,我是爱国者,人才。


Tfboys he saw the spring and Autumn period, more than anything I've ever seen. In the overture of mountains and rivers, the boy has a warm smile, conceals the eyes of stars, and the cool sound of mint. He is wearing a clean white shirt, and his pure temperament makes him particularly dazzling that day.

The boy's ignorant wish is to look forward to about ten years, who will accompany whom to break the fleeting time. Although the wind and rain are thorny, you can't be afraid of it You are on the other side, I am in the world, but there is no boat here that will drive me to you, so I can only watch you grow up with you, laugh, see the changing situation, accompany you a panic night, the night falls, the stars are bright, I miss the heart, my diary is full of your name, you are the light through the clouds, warm the sunshine water, through the raindrops, broken Broken stars, I will go to your side for ten years in the name of faithful little sun. It must be very difficult to pursue my dream.

After all, how many things in the world are not so lucky to succeed now? For tfboys, yes, so many heartless nagging and nagging just like a knife coming out of my words. Although they are called "pistachio" by my teammates, they laugh every day, You will be secretly red eyes, he is still a junior high school student, he is still a child, I even dare to say that he is my thorn in the eye, that boy with the best temper has been spoiled, also has not been spoiled by gratitude, occasionally also looks like a spoiled child, but absolutely must have a sense of responsibility, that is, words and deeds, every move flash, smile to show the most sincere, the most harmless of this era So, think about the extent to which you can be an angel, open your wings and protect your wings. You've always been very quiet.

You know, it's your birthday that you insist on doing so well. On that day, Chongqing is so beautiful. You don't like it.

Ferris wheel, billboard, film screening and subway station are full of your shadow. Others are named after you. Some people are from you You've spent money to help mountain children, while others have saved enered animals.

That's all positive energy you're sending because you say you want to lead us to good deeds. Maybe you are just a careless word, you did not complete a thing, you are a forgotten little wish, is the most sincere dream in our life, God loves to laugh, grateful people never misunderstand the shower brings May flowers.




Now there are many popular teams in China. My favorite team is Wang Yuan. I think he is the best singer in my heart.

He was born in November. He was a few years ago. Now he likes playing basketball and piano.

Singer likes green. His favorite star is Jay Chou. Deng Zhihe is a polite boy.

He is very excellent. I will learn a lot from him.



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