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关于”求职信会计“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Application letter accountant。以下是关于求职信会计的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Application letter accountant

Knowing how to write a cover letter is usually very important in a job search, because the purpose of a cover letter in a resume is to introduce yourself briefly and try to make the employer interested in you. Here are some things you must follow when writing a cover letter. In the first paragraph, state that you are an applicant for the job, and in the second paragraph, indicate where you know the job and briefly describe your qualifications And introduce your resume to the reader in the last paragraph, if you can omit two spaces between the internal address and address only in some cases.

Sign your name with a colon at the end of the address. In addition to typing like a resume, neatness is essential. Type on quality paper and proofread carefully to ensure correctness of sentences and spelling errors.

Main point: if you can follow these rules, do not exceed one page, your cover letter must be a good one.




What do you want to do after graduation? I want to be an accountant because it's an easy job for overseas students, especially in Australia, where you don't have to get high marks on your accounting exam. Now let's talk about accounting. Accounting is a subject that depends on your management skills.

What you do is basically to calculate profits or expenses or other things for your company. That's what I can tell you about accounting So I really want to be a famous accountant.




Job advertisements often stipulate the application procedures, such as telephone appointment for interview, application and submission of application letter and resume. When we encounter a suitable vacancy, we should submit the application immediately. Don't hesitate to call directly to apply.

At the company head, you should "select" a quiet environmental liaison officer, and prepare a piece of paper and pen to make a simple note "self introduction and call" Objective to make clear the information source of the position and vacancy, accept the interview situation calmly, politely and confidently, and note down the relevant details, including the date and time of the interview, the location, contact information, and the required certificates. Do not hang up at first, but let the other party hang up to write the application letter and resume, so that the recruiter will receive a large number of application letters and resumes every day In order to succeed in the interview, you must have the qualifications and conditions required by the employer. A good cover letter and resume can also make you stand out.

Before making a good first impression on you, before writing, your employer should first understand the qualifications and conditions required for the position. According to the job requirements, prepare a tailor-made application letter for you. In the first column of the resume, personal qualifications are as follows Qualifications, work experience, etc.

are very good, in order to write a resume can be used to verify the purpose, avoid missing important information, prepare white paper and envelope to write application letter and resume, generally use white paper and envelope, and should refer to the cover letter and resume template according to the typewriter or printer, so as to choose the writing style suitable for you. I hope it can help you.



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