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关于”我对自由的理解“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:My understanding of freedom。以下是关于我对自由的理解的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My understanding of freedom

What is love? Maybe you have asked this question countless times, but when I was a student, you still couldn't get a satisfactory answer. What is love? I'm a boy. Even if I was attracted to some lovely girl, I would try to ignore love, because my education was traditional, because I thought my main task was to learn, but now I understand love It can't be limited, because I always use some indirect methods to express my thoughts.

Although my thoughts may not be known by my lover, although I once covered up my feelings, this feeling was felt by a girl in the University at that time. When I held her hand for the first time, I didn't know whether it was love or friendship. I knew that my love was coming Can't refuse or escape, because my heart is so excited, I began to understand love, not holding the hand of the lover, not giving her a hug, not giving her a kiss, nor the worry that she is not around you, it is the miss when she is far away from you, some love when she is not in good health, is the forgiveness when she makes mistakes.

Love may be a mystery, no one can fully understand its meaning, because Because we are ordinary people, not saints. I want to use beautiful language to describe love, but I still feel that I can't express my view on love, perhaps because of my limited language ability or my limited understanding of love.




Today, pollution is a serious problem for us. It means that the air, sea, river and land are polluted by waste or poisonous things. It is harmful not only to human beings, but also to animals (it is harmful to both animals and humans).

We can't have fresh air, because many factories discharge poisonous smoke into beautiful parks, which are made by plastic cans and bags Dirty fish are killed by polluted water. It is said that some places have developed strange diseases because of pollution. I hope scientists can find solutions to serious problems.

We are looking forward to seeing clear sky, rivers and beautiful parks.




Now, the earth is yellow, and the quality of green is reduced. What's going on? This is because people cut down a large number of trees, which not only makes the birds not go home, but also causes collapse, flood and so on. There are no trees.

Our earth seems to have lost a supporting beam. Now, shops follow our hobby and produce a large number of soda water, and the "appearance" of soda is pots and cans It is also a kind of pollution. Roads, parks and even schools have become their homes.

A large number of aluminum cans are also harmful to human body. You know that waste batteries contain a lot of heavy metal pollutants, such as chromium, lead, mercury, etc. the harm caused by waste batteries is slow and profound.

When they are mixed with ordinary household garbage, under certain conditions, a series of slow and profound accidents will occur Chemical reactions release toxic substances. These toxic substances will pollute the atmosphere and burn underground to pollute groundwater or rivers and lakes. Once they enter the soil water, they will enter the human body through a food chain, endangering the nervous system, hematopoietic function, kidneys and bones.

Therefore, it belongs to hazardous waste. Experiments show that a group of water polluted by mercury exceeds the total amount of a person's life, Before the stream is clear, we can see Derek Fisher. Now the factory uses the stream as a good place to discharge sewage in order to improve efficiency.

The stream is polluted by sewage, and pedestrians leave soon. Water conservation is to protect our environment and save resources. We should protect the environment by ourselves.

The simplest way is to start from ourselves and pay attention to water conservation Turn off the tap water at any time after using the tap water. After washing the dishes, use water to water the flowers, wash the mop and flush the toilet. Don't think that the tap drops a few drops of nothing.

A tap drops a drop per second. If a family can save water every month within a year, it can flow freely. A lot of water has been saved for a month.

Fortunately, people are grasping the earth to be polluted I hope those who have not done so will bend down to pick up the paper and make us more beautiful and tidy tomorrow.



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