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Snow have you ever seen snow? Many people in the world have no snow, not many countries have never had snow, or only on very high mountain tops in Canada, there is a lot of snow every winter. But in the south of the United States, when a student from a warm country like Vietnam came to Canada for the first time in autumn, he felt cold at first, and most students from warm countries did not like it Enjoy the snow. Although the snow is very cold, it is also beautiful.

Maybe, after a few dark mornings, one day, the student woke up and there was a lot of light in the room. He thought, "is it so late?" and he jumped out of bed, but no, it's not too late. He looked out of the window, the ground was covered with snow, and the room was covered with smooth, clean and beautiful snow.


雪 你见过雪吗世界上很多人没有雪,没有很多国家从来没有雪,或者只有在加拿大非常高的山顶上每年冬天都有很多雪,但是在美国南部,当一个来自越南这样温暖的国家的学生在秋天第一次来到加拿大时,他一开始感到寒冷,而大多数来自温暖国家的学生都不喜欢这种雪。雪虽然很冷,但也很美。也许,在几个黑暗的早晨之后,有一天,学生醒来,房间里有很多光线,他想,“这么晚了吗”然后从床上跳了起来,但是不,现在还不太晚,他向窗外望去,地上到处都是雪,房间里到处都是光滑、干净、美丽的白雪。


I really believe that snow is not a scene, but it brings me more surprise than how much snow it has. I have never seen such a beautiful snow. I have never enjoyed it.

When I go to school at home, I am destined to have a miracle. I feel that everything is very unfortunate. I left my umbrella at home, my bicycle can't be opened, a big truck blocked the traffic, and I spent a few Minutes to get through the road.

Finally, I met Charlie. We were all late for math class. If it had happened the day before, we would have gone back to our seats without saying a word.

Except today, because the head teacher was in a bad mood, we had to stand outside in the cold wind. I didn't want to say anything. It was useless.

After a while, I stood with Charlie, and we both felt too cold to say a word. The world seems very quiet, I suddenly found a lot of thin ice falling from the sky. I yelled to Charlie, who was soon as excited as I was because it was snowing, but nothing happened.

The head teacher seems not to let us in, we have to stand outside at least one stop, class bell rings, he went to class, if you ask me whether there was a heavy snow before that day, I will tell you I don't remember, but during that time I got the answer, the ice turned white, quietly turned into snow, we immersed in it, no words from small to large, snow changed my imagination The wind was blowing hard, and the snow hit my face and hair, covering my whole body. We couldn't help shaking in the snow. We opened our mouths to taste the cold snow and stood still in the snow.

I believe that snow is not only a scene, but also a great miracle. It brings me more than it has. It's too big and so beautiful.

I can't imagine how wonderful the snow fell on me. I don't want to move. Although it's so cold, if you live in the north, you may think it's illusory, but the following things are even more unreal.

A bird, a beautiful parrot, flew from the sky to Charlie's shoulder and then to my shoulder like a celestial envoy. I don't know how to express it I thought the snow became smaller and smaller after class. Maybe we lost something, but we also got something.

I don't know what it means. I just hope to believe that it will bring me a good foundation and never forget the snow that day.






Snow was snow just now. There was a lot of snow in the sky. The river stopped flowing.

The ground was covered with a layer of snow. The snow looked like smoke. It was as white as a piece of paper.

The snow fell from the sky. It kisses the ground. How white the snow is, how beautiful it is.

Snow is like snow. I like winter.




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