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Home - always happy - home means a lot to me - no matter how humble it is, there is no place like home where I can appreciate the warmth of home and regard it as one of the brightest and most precious places on earth. Whenever I encounter difficulties, failures and even setbacks in my daily life at home, I can take refuge here. My dear parents and brothers and sisters will comfort me and cheer me up.

With their care and encouragement, I will regain self-confidence and summon up all strength and courage to face the severe reality of life. Home is always a kind of happiness, where I can always find love Understanding, caring and helping.




My parents and I live in a small, clean and beautiful house. My mother always cleans the house. There is a living room and a dining room.

My home has a kitchen and three bedrooms. My home is decorated very well. The living room is light blue, which makes me feel very comfortable.

My bedroom is light purple. I like this color very much. My father chooses it for me in the evening.

I often stay in the study Do homework, when I have problems, my father often plays computer in it, I often seek his help.




Since I went to school, I left my hometown. I miss everything there. Rivers, water and trees are so natural and beautiful.

Although my home is far away, I can always feel it. Once I have a holiday, I will return to my hometown, no matter how far I am, home is in my heart.



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