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关于”国内旅游的好坏“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:The quality of domestic tourism。以下是关于国内旅游的好坏的高二英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The quality of domestic tourism

This year's "May Day" labor day, my family came to one of the beautiful Zhangjiajie scenic spots, 5A level "Huangshi village" Huangshi village, a high mountain plateau, several meters above sea level. It is a majestic high and open viewing platform. The top suce area is hectare, slightly south, slightly Northeast, surrounded by cliffs and cliffs.

Trees have risen one after another. Many rainy weather of aerial observation platform has been launched around the village The next time, the mountain is covered with dark clouds. Next month, it will change into a magical quiet night.

The vast sky is covered with winter snow, with icicles hanging under it. All kinds of clouds of Shiqianfeng are surrounded by jade. The peaks are overlapping and the scenery is panoramic.

Therefore, "do not go to Huangshi village, go to Zhangjiajie.", There are two roads in Huangshi village. One is a cable car for shortcut, one is for winding stone steps, and the other is for steep slope. Some people can imagine the difficulties of the two.

But in order to avoid a glimpse, we decided to climb the mountain. We have the same idea. We have enough money.

You see, the mountain road has to endure the crowd of pedestrians. There are people watching everywhere The area is an ocean. When we walk up the stone steps, the first thing we see is "the lion looks back".

It is like looking back at a magnificent mountain lion. It is like looking at a distant home and missing relatives. It seems that we are enjoying the beautiful scenic spots.

When we see the "golden border protection Eagle", this is a big eagle's wings starting to guard the gold needle, and then we see the vivid Tang Monk's teacher's law Look, the serious monk of Tang Dynasty is riding a white dragon. Magic and monkey king are holding the reins tightly. They are carrying the burden of drifting.

Greedy pigs are holding the food. Finally, they see the nine mother peak of Pishan. There is a moving legend around.

It is said that Aquila, the "Lotus Lantern", opened it with an ax and saved the goddess with the ax. The hills here are colorful After three hours, they were lovely. Finally, we were out of breath and climbed all the steps to the top of the mountain.

The "Liuheyuan" was standing there. We looked down and we really had a feeling of listing hills. I thought: if it was early morning and foggy, then Huangshi village, which would disappear in fairyland, is believing in seeing.




As a Chinese tourist, one day he was condemned for his bad behavior, and the next day he was ripped off by everyone from taxi drivers to pickpockets. China's new tourist class has had a tough time this year. Typically, the Chinese government seems to be interested in regulating China's tourism industry on October 1, in order to eliminate some painful set of rules, the main purpose of which is to curb corruption in domestic tourism and reduce the burden of domestic tour guides, groups and tourists.

The law contains at least one clause, which seems to be inspired by a series of events that have exposed the obvious impoliteness of Chinese tourists in the mainland and the Far East. In recent years, due to the increase of income, the less restrictions on the passport system and the relaxation of consumption restrictions, the number of leisure tourists in China and abroad has increased significantly. The new tourism law aims to help tourists themselves.

This law mainly includes To prevent such acts as compulsive shopping, which are often led by a poorly paid tour guide, this law also provides useful advice for millions of Chinese mainland people, so we should be polite when traveling..



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