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高分英语作文1:Drug addiction

In fact, electronic devices have a more and more important impact on our lives. One of the most discussed problems is that the addiction caused by electronic devices is almost as important as the addiction caused by overdose and drug abuse. Apps, especially games, are often more attractive than other apps, even if they are not more important activities, such as socializing, studying and working, especially for agers, whose examples are not uncommon due to problems such as mental disorders caused by electronic devices.

Recently, a Korean couple spent too much time on virtual children online. They starved their children to death. The problems caused by electronic devices have become a serious problem worthy of world attention.

We should regulate ourselves, take our eyes off these seemingly interesting applications and games, and pay more attention to other aspects of life.




As for juvenile delinquency, one of the main discussions on social problems today is juvenile delinquency, and the crime rate seems to be on the rise. According to news reports, the age of the offenders ranged from years old to only a small number of them committed serious crimes such as kidnapping and murder. These cases are dealt with through the court system.

Most of the crimes are divided into four categories: fighting, including gang struggle with the main means of stealing lethal weapons, mostly minor ual promiscuity and drug addiction. These criminals are generally under temporary supervision of neighborhood committees. The reasons for juvenile delinquency in work units or reform schools are various.

Through the media, we often encounter the following cases of stepfather or stepmother abusing young people Teenagers often lead to family tragedies. School students commit crimes without proper care, have chronic behavioral problems, and their parents are too busy. In the case of business or gambling, there are also cases of parents or grandparents doting on their loved ones.

Petty theft is not attacked once or twice, but gradually encouraged. These little people are addicted to stealing. Most of the young people take drugs out of curiosity, and finally become habitual drug users.

In our daily life, due to the limitation of time and space, I have to ignore these problems. However, juvenile delinquency, as a serious social problem related to the younger generation, deserves special attention. I think the most fundamental thing we can do is to deepen and strengthen education, and ultimately save young people.






Now in China, we often hear that some people are caught taking drugs, but young people are also trying drugs for various reasons. As far as I know, some middle school students even develop the bad habit of drinking and smoking. People should pay attention to this phenomenon and say no to drugs.

Drugs are not good for people, but harm young people, lack of self-control, easy to be fooled by others, drug use is the coolest thing. Drugs can destroy people's immune system and eventually get all kinds of diseases. What's more, he will die alone.

Drugs will make people confused. Drug addicts will do some completely crazy and abnormal things, which is too terrible. What's more, drugs are very expensive, some people can't afford them, so they go to gamble and do other illegal things, which will cause social unrest.

These are all of us The reason why we can't take drugs is that drugs are so erous. Once you become addicted, you can't get rid of them. We should love our life, stay away from drugs and say no to drugs.



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