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关于”女性成功的管理者“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Women's successful managers。以下是关于女性成功的管理者的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Women's successful managers

How to be a successful manager? A manager is a person who plans, organizes, guides and controls the allocation of human, material, financial and information resources for the pursuit of organizational goals. The manager should do his best to make the organization achieve the objectives. The most important issue in successful management is to become a person who is willing to follow every action you take during your work in the company, which is helpful to make decisions I don't think a good manager needs to complete all the tasks.

I think a good manager must do the following: establish effective and responsive interpersonal relationships, communicate effectively with people, print and email can build a team, so that they can achieve organizational goals Other employees can cooperate with each other more effectively to understand the financial aspects of the business, set goals and measurement standards, and record the progress and success of employees. They know how to create an environment in which employees feel positive morale and recognition, so as to help employees develop and develop their skills and abilities through education and work learning. I think that a manager should first of all treat himself or herself or If the manager can do what I said, I think he is a successful manager.




Last Friday afternoon I went to see the doctor. While I was playing football with my friends, it began to rain. We were very interested in the game.

No one wanted to go home the next day. I had a bad headache. I had to lie in bed in the afternoon.

I had a high fever. My mother took me to the hospital. The doctor gave me some medicine and suggested that I should drink more water and have a good rest.

He told me not to play in the rain any more. I took the doctor's advice and now I feel much better.




In the third phase, the dichotomy between managers and leaders forms twelve differences between the two groups: managers manage leaders to innovate, managers ask leaders how and when to ask managers to pay attention to systems leaders focus on people managers do right things leaders do right things managers keep leaders developing managers rely on control leaders inspire trust management Leaders have a short-term view, and leaders have a longer-term perspective. This kind of goodwill and support stems from the leaders' view that people are people. As another deployment resource to support tasks, managers usually have the role of organizing resources to complete tasks.

People make up one of these resources. Many of the worst managers regard people as another kind of interchangeable thing. The role of a leader is to make others follow him / her Usually, people think that the task is subordinate to the vision, an organization may have the overall task of creating profits, but a good leader may regard profit as a by-product, which distinguishes the company from the competition from any aspect of their vision, and there is no reason for change in the organization The main reason for the failure of the concept change of human fear is that someone fails to plan and communicate the plan in an appropriate way in an organization.

Like everyone, the ability of each member to work and build a collective effort will only strengthen the whole organization. This effort has a major component, a special thing, which is the foundation of all achievements, and it is the glue that unites all efforts, And this is certainly necessary for all. One of the successful things is trust.

The role of trust is easy to describe and its contribution to the organization's efforts can be easily identified. However, trust is still one of the more elusive elements in the management of gre.



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