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关于”求生活感慨“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Feeling for life。以下是关于求生活感慨的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Feeling for life

There are many kinds of media in our life, such as TV, news, magazine, radio, Internet, film, telephone, etc. is very important and has a positive impact on people's life, because it shows people the world news, it is also good for children's education, and the media also has important educational significance, and happiness is related to the media reflected in the day The world is showing people all the news in the world, and the world has become like a small village because of the influence of the media. The media also disseminate knowledge, information and news for countries, regions and cities.

For example: we can know everything about the war in any place, and we can also know the risks around us. The media tell us whether the weather is bad or good through TV or radio, so we will take preventive measures and even change our plans when the weather doesn't allow us. It also tells us about natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, tsunamis, such as the tsunami in Southeast Asia, so we see the activity, just as we are there, the Internet or telephone can be used to communicate with our families at any time, we can hear their voices and see their images, such as Skype, hotmail and Yahoo Messenger program media is interested in many aspects: education, entertainment, medicine, documentaries and physical education programs.

It helps those who want to learn something through television or the Internet. For example, some people learn English online. I always like to watch documentaries such as animals, harsh ears, marine creatures or ancient peoples.

Finally, the media has a lot of benefits for children, especially TV. Children learn a lot from TV that they can't see on TV, such as the shape and sound of animals such as cattle, cats, horses, as well as intelce and skills. They develop mental programs, teach children to draw, draw and invent things, such as "Mr" on treehouse channel "Maker" shows children how to make toys.

Media is very important for children who want to learn a second language. It helps them learn English quickly. For example, my son always watches children's channel to help him learn English quickly.



它还告诉我们自然灾害,例如:飓风、龙卷风、风暴、海啸,比如发生在东南亚的海啸,所以我们看到了活动就像我们在那里一样,互联网或电话可以用来与我们的家人随时交流,我们可以听到他们的声音和看到他们的图像例如,skype、hotmail和yahoo messenger程序媒体对许多方面都感兴趣:教育、、医疗、纪录片和体育教育项目帮助那些想要的人通过电视或互联网学习一些东西例如:有些人在网上学习英语我一直喜欢看的纪录片节目,如动物、刺耳、海洋生物或古老的民族。最后,媒体对孩子们有很多好处,尤其是电视。孩子们从电视上学到了很多他们在电视上看不到的东西自然,如牛、猫、马等动物的形态和声音,以及智力和技能,开发心智程序,教孩子绘画、绘画和发明事物,如树屋频道的“Mr Maker”节目,教孩子们如何制作玩具媒体对那些想学第二语言的孩子来说很重要帮助他们快速学习英语例如我儿子总是看儿童频道,帮助他快速学习英语。


Note: in this part, you can write a composition in a few minutes. The topic is: the impact of private cars on our lives. You should write at least a few words, and based on the following outline: the impact of private cars on our lives.

With the economic growth, private cars have penetrated into all aspects of people's lives. The wide use of cars undoubtedly promotes the improvement of social productivity However, with the increasing popularity of automobiles, the advantages and disadvantages should be considered in the popularization of automobiles. Automobile emissions have an immeasurable impact on the world climate.

Second, scientific evidence has confirmed this point, because cars are heavily dependent on fossil fuels, which are the main source of carbon dioxide that causes global warming. The surge in car ownership has caused great pressure on the limited capacity of the existing transportation system, with large traffic flow and frequent traffic jams. The harmful side effects of automobiles bring unacceptable human health and environmental costs to our society, and our economy, so we must reverse this upward trend and promote mass transportation.

We must reduce our heavy dependence on private cars.





Dear students: This is good news. We are very lucky to invite Zhai Zhigang, the first Chinese spacewalker, to our school. He will give us a speech on his life and feelings in space.

It will be held in the school auditorium at 2pm on Friday. Please come to school on time in December. The lecture time is from afternoon to afternoon.

You must keep quiet You will have time to ask questions. Each person can only have one question, so you must be prepared before the end of your speech. There will be a discussion in each class next week.



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