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关于”谈谈养宠物的利与弊“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of keeping pets。以下是关于谈谈养宠物的利与弊的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of keeping pets

Some people think it's a good thing to have a pet. They say it's a hobby to have. On the other hand, they also claim that pets make life more colorful and entertaining for both men and women.

Many people say that keeping pets should be prohibited. They point out that pets are the main cause of diseases that damage property. For the harm of pet owners and innocent people, they also say that pets are a waste of money and resources.

My personal opinion is that we should have the hobby of keeping pets and make them harmless. In addition, we should limit the scope of keeping pets, and with the improvement of the level of keeping pets, more and more people begin to pay attention to other fields except necessities of life in modern people's life. Therefore, many people start to keep pets, of course, there are advantages and disadvantages.

Keeping pets has many benefits for the elderly. With the company of pets, the elderly will not feel lonely any more For young people, keeping pets can exercise their ability to make friends. However, some people are against the idea of keeping pets.

First of all, most pets don't pay attention to hygiene. They always stay anywhere. Their feces are very dirty and difficult to clean up.

Pets will bring some diseases to the family. We can teach pets some basic etiquette and take them to the hospital for examination to prevent them from getting sick.





Nowadays, more and more people like to keep pets, such as dogs, cats and so on. People regard pets as their family members. They have a deep relationship.

Pets are really lovely. Before we have pets, we must consider the advantages and disadvantages, and then make a wise choice keeping pets has many advantages. People can regard pets as their pet family members.

They can have someone to accompany them. It is said that some people will feel lonely when living alone, so keeping pets can drive away loneliness. What's more, keeping pets can cultivate a person's sense of responsibility, because he must take care of his pets very carefully there are also shortcomings in taking care of pets.

The most difficult thing to like to feed and wash pets is to deal with dog excrement. People who like to keep clean are not suitable for keeping pets. What's more, some pets may bite people, which will threaten people's health it is not easy to keep pets.

Once we have pets, we must take care of them very carefully.


如今,越来越多的人喜欢养宠物,比如狗、猫等等,人们把宠物当成自己的家人,他们建立的关系很深,宠物真的很可爱,在我们养宠物之前,我们必须考虑利弊,然后做出明智的选择 养宠物有很多好处人们可以把宠物当成自己的宠物家人,他们可以有人陪着,据说有些人一个人生活会感到孤独,那么养宠物可以驱走孤独更何况养宠物可以培养一个人的责任感,因为他必须非常小心地照顾宠物 照顾宠物也有缺点,喜欢喂和洗宠物最困难的事情是处理喜欢保持清洁的人不适合养宠物更何况,有些宠物可能会咬人,给人们的健康带来威胁 养宠物不容易,一旦养了宠物,我们一定要非常小心地照顾它。


The advantages and disadvantages of the Internet a few years ago, the Internet was almost unheard of by most people today. The Internet is one of the most attractive tools in the world. The Internet is a collection of various services and resources.

Russ Brock, director and consultant of the center for innovation and research, said that the main components of the Internet are e-mail and the world wide web. The Internet is more than email, search engine, fast e-commerce website, the second highest score of sports competition, and chat room full of boring discussions. If it can be used skillfully, almost all families have the Internet.

Before people connect to the Internet, they need to know its disadvantages And many people are afraid of the Internet because of its disadvantages, they claim that they don't use the Internet because they are afraid of the possible consequences or are not interested at all. Those who are still connected to the Internet claim that they have not missed anything that today's technological society must recognize, and that it is their responsibility to protect themselves on the Internet. Half of the s in the United States, or millions of Americans, are not Online children's use of the Internet has become a big concern.

Most parents don't realize the er. When their children log in online, they are easy to be lured into erous things. When children talk to other people online, they don't realize that they may actually be talking to a harmful person.

As a result, there are many cases in which children are trapped In fact, the story seems to appear every week: a child or ager is lured into something stupid, erous, or even a drug dealer.


互联网的优势和劣势几年前,互联网几乎为今天的大多数人所闻所未闻,互联网是世界上最富有魅力的工具之一互联网是各种服务和资源的集合,创新和调查中心的主任兼顾问Russ Brock说,因特网的主要组成部分是电子邮件和万维网。互联网比电子邮件、搜索引擎、快速的电子商务网站、高达第二名的体育比赛成绩、以及充满各种无聊讨论的聊天室互联网也被列为当今最好的商业工具之一,如果它能熟练地使用,几乎所有的家庭都拥有互联网,在人们连接到互联网之前,他们需要知道它的缺点和优点许多人害怕互联网因为它的缺点他们声称不使用互联网是因为他们害怕可能的后果或者根本不感兴趣那些还连接到互联网的人声称他们没有错过当今科技社会必须认识到的任何东西,在互联网上保护自己是他们的责任美国一半的成年人,或百万美国人,不是在线儿童使用互联网已经成为一个很大的担忧大多数父母没有意识到其中的危险当他们的孩子在网上登录时,他们很容易被引诱到危险的东西,当孩子交谈其他人在网上,他们没有意识到他们实际上可能是在和一个有害的人交谈,结果,这里有很多案例,孩子们被说服去见他们在网上聊天的人事实上,故事似乎每一周都会出现:一个孩子或十几岁的孩子被引诱到一些愚蠢、危险,甚至是交易局。

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