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关于”学校趣事的加感受“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:The experience of interesting events in school。以下是关于学校趣事的加感受的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The experience of interesting events in school

When I finished reading a good book, I had such an experience. This book is rich in content and exciting. I deeply fell into meditation and inspired ordinary things or people in life.

Once written in the book, after careful reading and thinking, when I succeed or fail, when I am praised or criticized, when I am happy or sad, I will find that truth and philosophy books are one Good mirror to reflect and guide me, I can't help but let myself think, "what am I like, what will I do?" at this time, my mind is open, I am my sincere self, I am talking with myself, unconsciously with my conscience, I am educating myself, so you can see through self-education that I mean thinking and inner contradiction are thinking and refuting In the process, I have memories and evaluation of myself, and then I make a decision to control my thoughts and actions. I hope that I can better self-education in character, behavior, virtue and behavior. It is an effective way to make people noble.

If a person continues to receive education, he will become more capable, smarter and better himself.




Interestingly, one day, I walked into school and suddenly saw a friend of mine looking for something, so I went up to her and said, "Hey, what are you looking for?" She replied, "I'm looking for the coin I lost in the classroom before." I thought it strange and said, "why do you find it outside the classroom, but you can't find it in your classroom?" Then she replied, "because it's hard to find it in my classroom, but it's lighter here." Then I had nothing to say to her: in middle school, Chinese class, the teacher asked the students to explain that a "fledgling" means that the students belong to the type of backward students and lingered for a long time. Finally, Xiao Sheng Di Wen said, "does just coming out of the toilet means that" high school, a political exam, is all a multiple-choice test, the total test score He was very young, but a brother didn't have a problem in the exam. Later, the political teacher asked him, "do you know the answer to the exam or how can we avoid all the correct answers, only the wrong answers" -- in a middle school history class, I slept in a teacher's class and woke up.

The teacher asked me, "marry a Wencheng Princess" and quietly told me on the same table: "Song Zan" is very unfortunate, I didn't catch it, and I wanted to answer: "song of cadres". Later, I ordered that junior high school history class should not be allowed for a week. A student was either late for school or had a good sleep in the last class.

When he woke up the day before class, he was cheated. He was a few minutes late. When he saw his math teacher, he said, "you can't be late again, or you will fall asleep Yes, ah.




They enthusiastically devoted themselves to the disaster relief work in huaichui disaster area. They set up a bridge for the interests of the people in danger. They had bold vision.

I was the only deepest grief that really escaped the heavy burden. The disaster area acted as the spiritual pillar of the people at all times. They stood up in the ruins, bridged the trauma of the soul, and forced their victims into despair On the edge, they hope that Cheng Qi will come back to life.

They will do their best to promote fair rescue, excavate this dangerous and heavy project, and turn all their life force into a piece of gold in the sunshine. The hearts of the people in the disaster area are to love others' emotion and social influence for their state. In most people, they need time to pass on the feelings and social influence of others It is their indomitable spirit that they save lives with loving hands.

Because of them, they transmit warmth and gather love. Noble human nature can be outlined and demonstrated. The reason why human beings appear in front of glory is that they can make the victims have the possibility of health.

Only a few casualties have changed their time, not a minute They relax, do not ignore their value, in the dedication of the whole glorious moment, do not need the shock of the soul to find.



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