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关于”运动的小“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:The small of sport。以下是关于运动的小的考研英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The small of sport

Everyone has their own way to enjoy the weekend life, such as watching movies, playing basketball and so on. My weekend life is so fruitful. First of all, I get together with my friends or parents.

Then my parents and I go to visit their close friends. I go to the library to learn more about the situation, visit exhibitions to show my dream, and travel to places of interest and scenery Beautiful weekend, many people can spend the weekend, so I am very happy to see the coming of the weekend, because I have more free time and free time to spend my life. If there is no other people's interference, I can watch TV at home all day before there is my favorite program, the bed seems to call me, I can eat a bread in a short time, easy shopping for me It's a good thing, so I don't need to buy too many things, but at the same time I need some necessities of my life.

I can spend my eyes on these things. I can't do my busy work. It can be said that I enjoy the great things that let my body relax and refresh slowly.

In a word, I like my weekend.




Consuming too many calories, reducing the accumulation of fat in the body, maintaining a proper weight, enhancing aerobic exercise, promoting blood circulation, reducing chronic diseases such as heart disease, hypertension and diabetes, enhancing body resistance, reducing diseases, strengthening bones, preventing osteoporosis are conducive to welfare, while reducing confusion helps to improve the body, strong muscles and increase the body's soft joints To make it more flexible, reduce casualties, improve the quality of sleep, more fully rest, more energetic, more energetic, more efficient study and work is conducive to relax, study or work to eliminate the pressure, exercise willpower, courage to face challenges, help to enhance self-confidence, establish a healthy self-image, and share happy opportunities with family or friends for everyone Get to know new friends and learn the cooperative spirit of team activities.




Sports my favorite sport is basketball. It looks cool on TV. I've been fascinated by those basketball stars since I was a child.

Basketball needs speed, height and skill. I run, jump, turn and try to hit every part of my body. In this sport, I feel like the wind flying for my goal on the playground.

It makes me feel that great basketball needs quick reaction and decision when the opportunity comes It may disappear in the next second. I should stare at it like an eagle, decide and judge quickly like a leopard, and fight for it more like a wolf. Basketball is not only a sport, but also requires teamwork.

No one can play itself. A team should cooperate. So I should learn to cooperate with others in this game.

I should understand what my teammates are doing What, what he needs me to do for him, I should learn to show my teammates what I need, at the same time, I need to pay attention to the whole game, I know how our team is, and how the other team cooperates and strategies. I have played basketball for many years, and now I have made many good friends through this sport. Proud of my team and my school for winning honors.

I like playing basketball with my friends. It will be my best friend's best memory about school life and sports.




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